GuideLiner V3 Catheter image

GuideLiner V3 Catheter

Guide extension catheter with half-pipe technology

In 2009, the GuideLiner Catheter revolutionised the concept of guide extension, creating new possibilities in interventional cardiology. Now in its third generation, the GuideLiner V3 Catheter continues to build on a history of innovation and performance—one that's been demonstrated with more than half a million catheters in cath labs around the world.1

Designed to perform

It's not just the proprietary half-pipe technology that sets the GuideLiner V3 Catheter apart. The coil-reinforced extension is specifically designed to enable dependable deep-seating for the delivery of interventional devices to distal locations.

Half-pipe technology

The half‑pipe channel is designed to minimise device/collar interaction by directing and aligning devices through the collar transition, facilitating smooth device entry and seamless delivery.

Tortuosity tested

From challenging lesions to impossibly acute angles, percutaneous coronary interventions have grown more complex. Since being introduced, GuideLiner Catheters have been recognised by interventionalists as essential tools for addressing difficult anatomies.

Available in five sizes: 5, 5.5, 6, 7 and 8 Fr.

Coaxial alignment and backup support
Deep-seating for
distal device delivery
Selective delivery of contrast


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