Catheter Tip Positioning Systems

ARROW® VPS® Product Catalog

Product Description CE
VPS7220B ARROW® VPS® (Vascular Positioning System®) Stylet Bedside Procedure Kit
VPS® Stylet is compatible with all VPS® Devices.


Product Description CE
VPS-G4C ARROW VPS G4 complete with accessories
  • VPS G4 Base Unit
  • VPS G4 Interface
  • VPS G4 Remote Control
  • VPS G4 Stylet Extension Cable
  • VPS G4 Power Supply
VPS-G4R VPS G4 Remote Control  
VPS-G4SEC VPS G4 Stylet Extension Cable  
VPS-G4PRINT VPS G4 Printer  
VPS-G4SC VPS G4 Sterile Covers
  • Stylet Extension Cable Cover
  • (2) Sterile Bags
VPS-4SW12 VPS G4 Service Contract / Warranty (One Year)  
VPS-4SW24 VPS G4 Service Contract / Warranty (Two Year)  
VSNCSPCW3A VPS® Console with Accessories
  • Power Supply
  • 8-ft Power Cord
  • ECG leads
VSNEKGLEAA VPS® ECG Leads (3-leads)  
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