Catheter Tip Positioning Systems

ARROW® G4 Vascular Positioning System

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Technology Comparison

Tip Location ECG Only ARROW® VPS G4 Device
Technology utilized ECG Intravascular ECG + intravascular Doppler + unique software algorithm
Tip position indication Subjective ECG waveform interpretation Blue Bullseye symbol, ECG waveform, Doppler
Landing zone range Variable up to 5 cm1 Lower 1/3 SVC-CAJ (2.33 cm)
Patient exclusions Yes; abnormal P-wave precludes use No; can be used in all adult patients for Doppler flow guidance
Includes navigation technology No Yes; all inclusive solution

Navigation Magnetic ARROW® VPS G4 Device
Detects arterial positioning No Yes
Prevents azygos placement No Yes
Can be used with pacemakers May disrupt pacemakers Yes
Confirms tip is away from vessel wall No Yes
Can be used with sitting and/or obese patients No Yes

General Combined ECG + Magnetic ARROW® VPS G4 Device
Maintains measured catheter length No; must add 5 cm Yes
Sold as stand-alone for use with other catheters No Yes; can be used with catheters with a minimum inner lumen diameter of 0.021"


1 Jeon Y, et al. Transesophageal echocardiographic evaluation of ECG-guided central venous catheter placement, Canadian Journal of Anesthesia (2006) 53:10, 978-983

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