Collection Devices

Teleflex offers a variety of leg and drainage solutions in various sizes and styles

Rüsch® Belly Bag® Urinary Collection Device

The Belly Bag® Collection Device is worn at the waist and is designed for either males or females who have an indwelling catheter. The bag fastens around the waist by means of a woven belt with a quick release buckle. It has a 1000 mL capacity and is not made with natural rubber latex. An anti-reflux valve behind the catheter port prevents reflux urine flow. The Belly Bag® Collection Device is emptied by means of a drain tube with a twist valve that is in the approximate position of the urethra. Users can easily sleep with the bag in place, allowing it to be worn 24 hours a day.

Belly Bag

Rüsch® Belly Bag®


  • Conceals more effectively than a leg bag
  • Enhances comfort and mobility
  • Helps to eliminate changing between bed and leg bag
  • Helps prevent inadvertent catheter extraction1


  • 1000 mL capacity
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Quick release buckle
  • Sterile
  • Anti-reflux valve

BELLY BAG® Urinary Collection Device
B1000 1000 mL 10
B1000P 1000 mL with sample port 10
B1000CT 1000 mL with 24" drain tube 10
PO337 Replacement Belt 10

Drainage Bags

Urine Bag/Anti-Reflux

The Urinary Drainage Bag contains an anti-reflux valve, hook hanger and center entry. This is our standard, high grade vinyl bag with a maximum capacity of 2000 mL (cc) and is vented, comes with a synthetic latex bottom outlet tube, and 120 cm length tubing. Not made with natural rubber latex.

urinary bag 390060

Rüsch® Drainage Bag

Urine Bag/Anti-Reflux
PRODUCT# Sterile Fluid Pathway Only QTY/CASE
390060 Yes 20

2000 mL Premium Drainage Bag

The Rüsch® Premium Drainage Bag is a 2000 mL bedside bag. It is not made with natural rubber latex and has kink-resistant extension tubing. The unique design allows for easy filling and emptying of the bag. The Rüsch® Premium Drainage Bag features a premium anti-reflux drip chamber and a needleless sample port as well as a universal hanger with additional securing features. It is an ideal solution for nursing home, hospital and home care settings.

Rusch Draining Bag

Rüsch® Premium Drainage Bag

PRODUCT# Sterile Fluid Pathway Only QTY/CASE
390000 Yes 20

Leg Bags

EasyTap Leg Bags

The EasyTap Leg Bag is made of high-grade vinyl material (PVC) and contains an anti-reflux valve. It is available in 500 mL and 1000 mL. The leg bag is secured with two cloth straps with buttons. It also contains a flip valve for easy emptying. Not made with natural rubber latex.

Leg Bag

EasyTap Leg Bags

453919 500 mL with 18" pvc extension tubing Yes 24
453932 1000 mL with 18" pvc extension tubing Yes 24
452919 500 mL Yes 48
452932 1000 mL Yes 48

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  1. Munnings L.J., Cawood C. Clinical Study of a New Urine Collection Bag. Urologic Nursing. 2003; 23(4):288-291
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