Ligation Systems

Weck® Hem-o-lok® Polymer Locking Ligation System
Secure-locking Polymer Technology

Confidence You Can Feel

Confidence. That's what the Weck® Hem-o-lok® Polymer Locking Ligation System provides. Confidence created by a ligation system designed for clip security — secure in the applier, locked onto the patient vessel.

Security By Design

The Hem-o-lok® System's unique design and flexible hinge keep the clip firmly seated in applier jaws. The clip's distinct tactile feedback confirms jaw seating and secure vessel placement.

Cool Ligation

Since the Hem-o-lok® System is a cool ligation system, there's no chance of thermal spread to vital structures, a common concern of many surgeons when using energy-based ligation solutions.

Size Ranges to Meet Your Needs

The Hem-o-lok® System is available in a range of clip sizes, including Medium, Medium-Large, Large and Extra-Large. The Hem-o-lok® System allows for ligation of 10 mm vessels through a 5 mm port or 16 mm vessels through a 10 mm port.

Our broad range of applier lengths (including 45 cm endoscopic appliers for extended reach) allows surgeons to deliver clips with control and confidence.

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Hem-o-lok polymer clip
  • Non-Absorbable polymer is inert, nonconductive, radiolucent and does not interfere with CT, MRI,or X-ray diagnostics
  1. Bosses are designed to retain clip in applier jaws
  2. Integrated teeth interface with the vessel and are designed to prevent slippage
  3. Bow-shape design allows removal with appropriate instrument
  4. Hinge allows flexibility in clip placement prior to clip locking
  5. Locking mechanism provides tactile feedback and secure closure
Hem-o-lok polymer clip sizes
  • The Hem-o-lok® System is available in a range of clip sizes including: Medium, Medium-Large, Large and Extra-Large.

Manual Load Appliers


Hem-o-lok applier open
  • Open appliers available in Medium,
    Medium-Large, Large and Extra-Large
  • Available in 8" and 11" lengths and curved
    or right-angle jaws
  • Opens at box-lock for easy, thorough cleaning


Hem-o-lok applier endo
  • Endo appliers available in Medium-Large,
    Large and Extra-Large
  • Medium-Large appliers available on a
    5 mm platform
  • Available with 32 cm or extended-length
    45 cm shafts
  • One-piece and take-apart designs

Automatic Appliers - Hem-o-lok® Auto Endo5® Appliers View in Catalog

The Weck® Hem-o-lok® Polymer Ligation system unique design offers:

  • A flexible hinge that keeps the clip firmly seated in applier jaws
  • Tactile feedback that confirms jaw seating and secure vessel placement
  • Distal locking clip to signal closure
Endo 5
Hem-o-lok Ligating Clips are not intended for use as a fallopian contraceptive tubal occlusion device. Hem-o-lok Ligating Clips are contraindicated for use in ligating the renal artery during laparoscopic donor nephrectomies. Teleflex, Endo5, Hem-o-lok and Weck are trademarks or registered trademarks of Teleflex Incorporated or its affiliates. 2013-2520