Ligation Systems

Weck® Metal Ligation

From humble beginnings in Edward Weck's Manhattan storefront in 1884, Weck® Branded Products have been there for surgeons—step-by-step—since the earliest days of modern surgery.

In 1963, Weck® redefined the closure market with the introduction of the Hemoclip® Traditional Metal Ligating Clip. Over the last fifty years, the Weck® Brand has continued to refine the science of closure to produce a line of metal and polymer ligation solutions demanded by surgeons around the world.

Whether you prefer the classic feel of metal clips, or the modern flexibility of polymer, Teleflex® offers ligation products designed to suit your distinct preferences and procedural needs:

  • Hem-o-lok® Polymer Locking Ligation System–provides cool ligation, lasting security, and the ability to place and remove clips as needed. Hem-o-lok Clips are ideal for both open and laparoscopic cases.
  • Horizon and Hemoclip® Metal Ligation Systems–satisfy your need for traditional metal ligating clips for use in cardiovascular and general surgical applications. Available in a range of sizes, surgeons have relied on Weck® Metal Clips for generations.

Weck® Horizon Metal Ligation System - Clips

The Horizon System is the Weck® Premium Titanium Ligation Platform providing surgions a strong, secure clip coupled with an efficient, convenient easy-load cartridge system.

The Horizon Clip

The preformed chevron shape of the Horizon Clip engulfs tissue with precise tip-to-tip closure. Heart-shaped wire is designed to give each clip a firm grip on vessels, while the triangulated cross-section of the clip leg maximizes surface-to-surface contact between clip and jaw, practically eliminating clip fallout.

Ligating Clip Small Medium Medium-Large Large
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The Horizon Cartridge

The design of the Horizon Cartridge creates a frictionless one-hand load. Horizon Cartridges are color-coded to match appliers and adhesive backing allows convenient placement of the cartridge to any sterile area.

Weck® Horizon Metal Ligation System - Appliers

Our high quality, hand-crafted reusable appliers are designed to give surgeons solid tactile feedback upon clip closure. Applier color coding matches the color of the ligating clip cartridge with which it is to be used. Horizon Appliers are available to meet manual ligation needs for both open surgical applications and laparoscopic needs.

Horizon Appliers have been designed for exclusive use with Horizon Ligating Clips.

Weck® Hemoclip® Metal Ligation System - Clips

The Hemoclip® Brand is synonymous with classic metal ligation. Teleflex provides two options under the Hemoclip® Metal Ligation System portfolio, friction-fit and easy load to meet all surgical preferences.

Hemoclip® Traditional Clips

The Hemoclip® Traditional Metal Ligating Clips offer a friction-fit loading system. Available in titanium, tantalum and stainless steel — the widest metal selection in the industry.

Hemoclip® Plus Titanium Ligating Clips

The Hemoclip® Plus System is an evolution of the classic metal Hemoclip® Brand. Hemoclip® Plus Metal Ligating Clips feature an easy-load cartridge system, titanium clip loads from the cartridge with minimal pressure, and are available with adhesive or non-adhesive clip cartridges.

Weck® Hemoclip® Metal Ligation System - Appliers

Hemoclip® Appliers are available in a wide variety of jaw types and applier lengths. Applier color coding matches the color of the ligating clip cartridge with which it is to be used. Appliers are available in a variety of lengths/tip angles and opens at box lock for easy cleaning. Hemoclip® Appliers have been designed for exclusive use with Hemoclip® Ligating Clips.


Weck Ligating Clips are not intended for use as a contraceptive tubal occlusion device. Weck Ligating Clips are contraindicated for use in ligating the renal artery during laparoscopic donor nephrectomies. Teleflex, Hemoclip, Horizon, MicroClip and Weck are trademarks or registered trademarks of Teleflex Incorporated or its affiliates. 2013-2000