Vascular Access

EZ-IO® Manual Needle Set


The EZ-IO® Manual Needle Set creates a stable port into the intraosseous space accessing the central vascular system within seconds, for patients 3 kgs or greater.

The EZ-IO® Manual Needle Set consists of a small knob shaped handle connected to a beveled, hollow drill-tipped needles that were specifically designed to provide safe, controlled vascular access via the intraosseous (IO) route to patients in emergent situations when standard venous access is not possible.


9055 6515-01-557-6937 Manual Needle Set Kits (Sterile) 10 Needle Sets*

*Each Needle Set includes 2 alcohol preps, 1 2x2 gauze, 1 EZ-Connect® Extension Set, a Needle Vise® Sharps Block and Instructions for Use. Item number 9055 also contains 1 Patient Wrist Band.


  • Six sites (bilateral proximal humerus, bilateral proximal tibia and bilateral distal tibia)
  • Simple removal – no special tools needed
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