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Hudson Catalog image
Hudson Catalog image
1001-10 pocket chamber


MDI Chambers

The Hudson RCI® anti-static, clear, valved Pocket Chamber is designed for portability and convenience to accommodate the varied lifestyles of patients with asthma.


  • Device features a tethered cap to protect the mouthpiece
  • Has standard 22-mm mouthpiece for use with a variety of masks, if desired (see Panda Mask)


Pocket Chamber

Item Code 1001-10

Packaged 10 to a case.


Pocket Chamber

Item Code 1001-50

Packaged 50 to a case.









Panda mask 1291 image


Panda mask 1291 image


Panda mask 1291 image


Panda mask 1291 image



Panda Mask

The Panda Mask is a clear, nonrebreathing mask designed for maximum patient comfort.


  • Constructed of pliable silicone with 22-mm ID inlet fitting; does not contain natural rubber latex
  • 1-way valve allows exhaled air to exit mask
  • Available in 4 convenient sizes


Infant Mask
Item Code 1291

Packaged 10 to a case.






Small Mask
Item Code 1292

Packaged 10 to a case.







Medium Mask
Item Code 1293

Packaged 10 to a case.









Large Mask
Item Code 1294

Packaged 10 to a case.





1801 pocket peak



Pocket Peak® Peak Flow Meter

The POCKET PEAK peak flow meter meets NAEPP and NHLBI standards/guidelines.

  • Universal 50 to 720 lpm range is convenient, compact and easy to use for adult/child/adolescent patient population
  • Durable, sliding zone indicators encourage patient compliance
  • Colorful integrated markers allow patients to easily monitor changes in air flow
  • Ergonomically designed plastic housing and tempered stainless steel vane are dishwasher safe
  • Reusable plastic mouthpiece attaches to unit for secure storage


Pocket Peak® Peak Flow Meter

Item Code 1801

Packaged 12 to a case.


Disposable Cardboard Mouthpiece

Item Code 1805

  • 30 mm ID

Packaged 100 to a case.