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Pleur-evac® Chest Drainage Systems

The trusted name in chest drainage.

The Pleur-evac® chest drainage system - the premiere solution for thoracic, cardiovascular, trauma, and critical care - uses the most advanced fluid management technology available.

  • Accurate, calibrated, high suction control with visual indicator
  • Safe tip-over protection and simple setup on selected models
  • Clinically supported patient air leak meter
  • Complete positive and negative pressure controls
  • Proprietary unit for pneumonectomy
  • Proprietary dry system Infant and Dual units
  • Latex-free tubing available on all Pleur-evac models
  • Connectors and tubing sets available
  • Color-coded, needleless ATS connectors for patient blood sampling
  • Generous collection chambers holding up to 2500 cc’s of fluid

Fluid Management Options

Dry suction / dry seal
S-1100 Sahara series

Dry suction / wet seal
A-6000 Cactus series

Wet suction / wet seal
A-7000 and A-8000 Rain series

Pneumonectomy Unit

Autotransfusion Bags
A-1500, S-100, S-250

Thoracic Catheters
Soft, Right Angle & Trocar

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