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Teleflex, through the RÜSCH brand of products, is a proud pioneer in urology. Whatever product you choose, you choose more than a century of know-how. Through our global operations, we are one of the world's largest producers of catheters. From bladder management products for every indication, application and anatomy through our broad range of Foleys, intermittent catheters and urinary collection devices to various products for operative urology and endourology – our comprehensive lines of urological innovations address the needs of acute and home care settings, and help to reduce the risk of nosocomial urinary tract infections.

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Standard Bladder Management
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With over 100 years of experience, RÜSCH can offer a broad range of Foley catheters suitable for every indication and application for short- and long-term drainage as well as for postoperative use, the ease and safety of handling and high patient comfort of which guarantee optimal patient care in every case while remaining economical.
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Teleflex provides a broad range of catheters for intermittent catheterization. Based on each patient’s needs (adult or paediatric, female or male) we offer intermittent catheters made of different materials, in all the required sizes, tip types and catheter lengths, always bearing in mind their cost-effectiveness.
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The Preconnected System from Teleflex is a closed urinary drainage system with a preconnected silicone balloon catheter and a prefilled syringe with sterile glycerine solution for inflation of the balloon, to be used for standard drainage under long-term conditions. It stands for easy handling as well as maximum protection against infections during standard medical care.
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RÜSCH suprapubic urine drainage systems form a line of instruments perfectly adapted to each other. They provide a well-tolerated alternative to transurethral drainage, enabling simple and safe handling and the greatest possible comfort during wear in short, medium and long-term care, at the same time minimising the risk of infection.
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About 90% of all nosocomial urinary tract infections are caused by urinary drainage. The closed urinary drainage system represents one of the most important elements of prophylaxis against infections. RÜSCH urinary drainage systems meet all the hygienic demands that are required for a high-quality closed system for long-term medical care.
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Optimal protection for the patient:
Each transurethral application can lead to contamination with microbes. It is therefore important, that catheterization is carried out under aseptic conditions. Catheterization sets help to simplify preparation and application of a transurethral catheter and to minimize the risk of infection.
Operative Urology and Endourology
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After operations, large volumes of liquid, tissue particles and blood clots have to be washed out. Our postoperative balloon catheters allow high flow rates and do not collapse during aspiration – without enlarging the outer diameters. The use of strong yet soft materials allow a unique ratio between the outer and inner diameters.
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Our 2-way hydraulic dilators for the routine dilation of the urethra, e.g. to treat urethral strictures are available in different sizes, balloon lengths and capacities to perfectly match the patient’s anatomy and situation. Precise manufacturing and armoured special balloons allow for safe and patient-friendly dilation of the urethra with minimum treatment risk.
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Our broad range of measuring catheters for urodynamic examinations (e.g. for cystometrography or combined urethrocystometry) are all made of thin-walled, dimensionally stable material which allows a constant lumen over the entire length of the catheter, thus enabling the greatest possible measuring accuracy and high patient comfort.
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With an extraordinarily wide range of premium ureteral stents for standard and special applications, for adults and children, Teleflex can offer the optimum ureteral stent for every use, e.g. our outstanding SUPERGLIDE Antireflux DD Valve Ureteral Stents which prevent vesicorenal reflux and greatly facilitate introduction due to their hydrophilic coating.
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We offer the optimum ureteral catheter for every patient, anatomy and application, with a variety of tips, with or without SUPERGLIDE Hydrogel Coating for extremely smooth gliding. Well-thought-out details ensure a high level of safety, ease of handling and increased patient comfort. And they are also persuasively economical.
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Teleflex makes nephrostomy safe, easy and comfortable, for both physician and patient, with first-class instruments that are thought out to the last detail. Our nephrostomy devices are available in sets perfectly matched for 2-step or 3-step technique, as exchange sets or individually packed such as puncture cannulas, guide wires, dilators, renax tubes and catheters.
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Teleflex offers various products for the treatment of ureter and kidney stones such as stone extractors and occlusion catheters. Due to the precise manufacturing technique of these devices, even complicated procedures can be safely performed with minimum treatment risk rendering their application more patient-friendly.
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Teleflex provides guide wires for any application in the urological sector – sounding of tubular hollow organs, coaxial insertion of devices with an open tip and percutaneous interventions. No matter which indication, we offer the appropriate guide wire made of stainless steel or Nitinol, always with a flexible safety tip to reduce the risk of patient injury during application.
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